Started by John R. Cropper and his son Chad M. Cropper.  We are located in the Mountains of Pennsylvania just north of Williamsport Pa.  Back in 1994 John bought his first Cobra a Everett Morrison with a Steel 427 Motor.  The next Cobra John bought was a Unique FIA with a 289.  They were both great cars and we had lots of fun with them.  Shortly after that John started his next project a ERA MKl GT40.  We attended our first Shelby American Automobile Club Convention and got hooked on Vintage Racing.  After looking into how to get started we found a 1965 Shelby GT350 that was a race car and started down that road.  While working on getting it ready we located a 1966 Shelby GT350 for Chad and restored it into a sister car for our 65 Shelby.  John and Chad have raced in the SVRA/HSR series all over the country along with doing numerous Shelby American events.  

When Carroll Shelby started building continuation Cobras John was one of the first to buy an Aluminum Body CSX4000 with a Shelby Aluminum 427 Motor.  Next was an Aluminum body CSX7000 FIA and then a CSX8000 Slab Side Cobra.

Over the years John owned and sold several other Shelby continuation cars.  Being involved  in the Vintage Race world John wanted to purchase a Superformance GT40 MKl R to race.  After looking into the GT40 and talking to Lance at Superformance a decision was made to become a Superformance Dealer.  

John and Chad formed a new company “Cobra Performance Ltd.”  As a dealer for Superformance we offer the full line of Superformance Products.  Also we are a dealer for Roush Crate Engines.  We also work with Southern Automotive for period correct motors.  Through Hillbank/Superformance we also offer the Ford Racing Product Line.  Another offering we have is being a Sub dealer for Hillbank Shelby we can offer the Shelby Continuation Line.  A big part of being a dealer is having a lot of fun meeting people and helping make dreams come true. 


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