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Cobra Performance Ltd. Superforamn

Superformance Chassis' are the only Cobra replica's on the market that are Shelby Licensed products. According to shelby "Fact is, soon as it's less than a real Cobra, not built by me, it's counterfeit. Theres an exception when it comes to Jimmy Price and Lance Stander. Superformance International makes replica Cobra in South Africa and calls the two-seat roadster they build the MKIII. It's still not a true Shelby, but I've endorsed and licensed the car for being as close to correct and well-built as possible. I can't say the same for others."


-Octane Reference, October 2008

When Shelby first commisoned AC Cars of England to build the CSX in 1962 it was the same factory setup and tradition that Superformance continues to uphold in our factory hand built chassis. AC employees hand welded each tube into place on the Cobra chassis and Superformance maintains that same attention to detail in every chassis we produce. Chassis were painstacking hand built, just as they are today in our facilities.

Once the chassis were completed at the AC facility they were brought accross the ocean and the power train was installated at the Shelby American Factory. Superformance maintains the same process in that our chassis are brought accross the ocean and have their engines and transmissions installed in the United States by master mechanics.

Superformance, reliving history today.


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Cobra Performance Ltd. Superforamn
Cobra Performance Ltd. Superforamn

Thank you for your interest in Cobra Perforamance LTD.

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